• Project : Irish pub
  • Date : 20/06/2018
  • Location : HSR. Bangalore , IND.
  • Client : Hill Storm

Irish pub

The atmosphere seems calm and quiet when viewed from the outside, however, once you enter the hotel the space is commanding, with a beautifully illuminated, suspended ceiling ms framed lighting and traditional lighting on rope. The smocking zone is at one side has a buzzing, social vibe, the restaurant side disconnects to allow a relaxing, quiet and trendy dining experience. This region is characterised by its strong colour contrasts; dark red and dusty brownish gray stones, traditional Oak barrals stacked wall, warm wood tones and unglazed VDF sand coloured flooring, natural painting inspaired by Night in elm street in wall . Put two British telephone booth to supparate the toilet to common floor, natural raw wood table for group sitting, walls and vibrant pops of red and mustard colours – which we brought together to create a warm, welcoming and relaxed environment

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