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Kochi, branded as queen of the Arabian Sea, is the largest urban city in god's own country. Kochi always care for traditional culture and as well as it welcomes novelty. This beautiful city has a cosmic history. Even the buildings and architectures in Kochi have many stories to say. The culture and heritage of Kochi actually lies in these buildings and architectures. The Kochi metro is the best example of the changing face of Kochi through architect. Good architectural works increase the aesthetic beauty of Kochi. From Fort Cochin, The Paradesi Synagogue, The stylish hotel, St. Francis Church, Bolgatty Palace, Hill Palace to most recent Kochi metro, the journey of Kochi’s architectures and designs are still a conspicuous.

Urbanization and industrialization paved way for the high demand of architects in Cochin. A professional touch of a good architect can help Kochi in its further more developments. Carion Bilta is such a Professional Architectural Firm and Engineering Consultancy with the aim of providing world class Engineering and Project Management Services. We are here to visualize your desired designs and make it into reality. Whatever it is: your home, office, flat, villas, hotels… all are safe in our hands. We have exceedingly dedicated and transnationally proficient engineers, interior designers, landscaping professionals and interior architects in Cochin. We assure our services will be stylized, calm, friendly and living atmosphere for you.

We believe in timeliness, quality and affordability and it’s our primary working approach. It’s you who made us the foremost and reputed architectural firm in this highly competitive field in Cochin. You feedback and approach is our strength.

We started our successful and creative journey from 2009 onwards and still continuing with pride. Carion’s excellent interior designing ideas have built many homes and commercial buildings in Cochin, We always try new and unique trends for each work. Our Kochi architects and interior designers work for the dream of others. Mathew Residence, Continental Residence, Siddique Residence, Prestige flat interior architecture are a few examples of the architectural projects of our Cochin architects

Carion Bilta’s interior designs and architectures in Kochi are visually appealing, makes it inimitable. Our long term experience in this field makes us top in Kochi. Fresh and innovative plans and strategies are always offering by our architects in Kochi. And architects and interior designers in Kochi are a good listener and mind planer too to make out your plans about your assets.

Kochi is widely referred to as the commercial capital of Kerala and Kochi is developing day by day. So a magical touch of an architect is necessary for this. Architects in Cochin play a vital role in transforming Kochi to largest urban agglomeration in Kerala. The main challenge faced by the architects in Cochin is the limited usage of space. Kochi is already densely populated city. So it is a big task for the architects in Kochi to overcome this and build others dreams in limited space with good quality. Here is where Carion Bilta architects comes into play


Carion’s residential architects in Cochin use their talents to specifically build homes & residential properties for housing purposes.. We focused on the aesthetic appeal of your residence with excellent interior architects. We always work for your dream home and will also be honest with you if he or she thinks the proposed project is implausible.

Carion Bilta have well qualified and experienced home architects in Cochin. Sometimes, proprietors want to build a home but can't choose where to start. Our residential architects in Cochin will be a great way for you to consult and discuss for a steadfast financial plan for your home addition.


Our Commercial architects in Cochin are very artistic and innovative. Carion Bilta’s commercial architects in Cochin are in charge for crafting and managing the design of a structure. Our Cochin architects are specialized in this particular field and very passionate towards their work. If it is a shopping complex, school, hospital and whatever everything is safe in our commercial architect’s hand.

Safeguarding the care of the building's security, and making sure the structure has its required permits are the main aims of our commercial architects. Also we take very friendly approach towards the clients and take care of their ideas.

Do you want to make your building’s interior aesthetic appealing and trending? Then come to Carion Bilta, Cochin. Our interior designers in Cochin make your interior superb looking and trending. Interior design, an art of making an interior part of any building visually appealing, makes architecture inimitable. Our interior designers in Cochin are highly talented and always apply out of the box ideas.

Carion’s team of interior designers effectively uses cosmos and useful plan for good interiors. Our Cochin interior designers are world class trained and have always tried fresh styles. We provide both western and traditional interior designs. Our prime focus in is to craft elegant and modified sphere for you.

Carion’s Cochin interior designers do the interior design, choose materials, plan budget, assign the construction engineers, schedule jobs and manages the whole project. We are very unique in our own way. Our key emphasis is to deliver an effective design at exact time.

Landscape design is an art which combines nature and culture. The demand for the landscape designing in Cochin is increasing day by day. Landscape designing becomes the part of elegancy and reputation.

Carion Bilta’s Cochin branch is providing new trends in landscape designing. We focus on aesthetic beauty of a building and architecture. Garden designing, garden development, water proofing, garden management, garden lighting etc are proving by us. We are providing landscape designing to home, villas, hotels, resorts etc at an affordable rate. We always care for your suggestions and recommendations and fulfill your dream land at very short time.

Carion Bilta gives importance to project management. Client’s satisfaction is the main aim of Carion Bilta’s architects in Kochi. We have an experienced project manager who is passionate to his work and manage all the work involved in bringing your project to life. Interior designers and architects in our Kochi branch give priority to the overall project management and design with specific focus on time and cost.

We also focus on organizing, scheduling and checking deliveries of materials, obtaining cabinets, appliances, and manage tradespeople like builders, specialist kitchen and bathroom fitters, gardeners etc in project management. We are regarded as best in project management. Our architectural projects in Cochin showed how much we are dedicated to the project management.


Home sweet home! It's a dream of everyone. Home architecting is an art of designing. Carion Bilta's home interior designers and home architects in Cochin fulfill this basic need with a magical touch. We design your home with overall excellence in luxurious outline within short period. Carion’s skilled architects and interior designers in Kochi offer world class designs. We always welcome your suggestions and renovation ideas for your dream home in Cochin. We provide new and trendy designs in home architecture and assure good quality. We build a home which loves you because your dream home is ours too!

Your home's living room is the best place in the world to relax and socialize. Carion Bilta make friendly and pleasing living area to make you comfort. Our interior designers in Kochi are specialized in your home's living room interior design. Apart from interior design, we also undertake renovation projects.
Peaceful and ease sleep is the best thing about Bedroom. Carion Bilta bedroom designing is very unique and creative. It makes you to feel like heaven.Our services are very friendly and hospitable. Our bedroom interior designs will help you to start your day blissful and energetic.We have highly talented interior designers in Kochi exclusively for bedroom. We provide bedroom interior designing along with renovation. Modern and stylish bedroom stuffs are also provided by us. Carion Bilta architects are top at bedroom designing in Kochi. We designs your bedroom with very care and perfection.
Kitchens are the soul of a home. Designs of a kitchen play a good role in keeping kitchen appealing. Carion's kitchen interior designers make your kitchen alive and user friendly. We are comprised with experienced and skilled kitchen interior designers in Cochin. We provide a world class style in interior designing of your kitchen. We offer a vast collection of Indian and European kitchen interior designs in Kochi. You can choose your style from these vast collection and we also helps you to provide new and creative ideas in the same. Carion Bilta architects provide a complete solution for your kitchen designing.
Well-designed is the key idea in bathroom. Colour, design, placement of objects, floor, tiles, pattern, shape and size has an important role in bathroom designing. We are here to design each and every point in bathroom interiors. Ranges of styles are available in bathroom designing and we provide all that elegances in creative manner. Our bathroom apparatuses are powered with world-class eminence and imported items. So we assure about technical quality of our services and products. Our vast collection of bathroom designs makes your bathroom aesthetically tempting. Apart from Bathroom interior design, we provide bathroom renovation in our Kochi firm.
Do you want to experience cinematic feel while inside your home? Carion Bilta architects provides hi- tech home theater to you. Our home theater appliances are imported and have high quality. We design home theater in Kochi in a creative manner which you can experience it in its full quality.

Bungalow architecture is entirely different from other types of architecture. Characteristics of the bungalow style are large porches and stone chimneys with prominently placed fireplaces, low-pitched roofs with wide and hanging eaves. Bungalow style architecture is increasing its demand in Kochi.

Carion’s Cochin architects offers vast variety of bungalow interior designs in very inventive approach. We provide interior of a bungalow home in visually appealing way with quality products. We build your bungalow on budget, on time, and without excessive stress, and in most modern trend. If you want to build your dream bungalow then we have a stylish plan; come and join hands with us.!

The demand for apartments and flats in Kochi is increasing day by day. But it is not necessary that you love all those flats and apartments. Everyone search for something special in their living space. A good living interior possess comfort and refreshing ambiance. Carion Bilta provide such flat architectures and interiors to make you feel serene and peerless. Our apartments and flat interior designs are very living friendly and gift something unique for the owners

Our experienced team of flat interior designers offers you a friendly service. Any kind of flat interior designs are available with us. Whether it is a trendy, stylish, western, contemporary, all is ease with us. Our flats and apartment designs are popular all around Kochi. Prestige Flat in Cochin is the best example and satisfied client of ours. We care for each and every single point in flat constructions. If it is colour, designs, style, floor, equipment, furniture…everything is of premium quality.

Carion Bilta offers a varied choice of flat and apartment architecture and interior designing for either commercial flats or residential apartments. Our Kochi architects can also design flats and apartments in accordance with your envision and ideas.

Villas attain popularity only if it is aesthetically interesting. Carion Bilta architects are experts at designing villas at any land area. The interior designs we provide for your villa is dazzling and living friendly. We have a skilled team of architects and Villa interior designers for the erection of villas in Kochi.

Carion's team of interior designers build modern & stylish villas in very luxurious look. Our villa architecture is great to overcome any environment and seasons. We provide quality imported items for the construction and interior design of Villas. Our services are client friendly and we are the best to provide new artistic ideas for the designing of villa.

Office architecture and interiors plays an important role in making your brand striking among other competitors. We are here to bring you a splendid collection of office architectures and interior designs to make your brand outstanding. You can just handpick it by your choice.

Carion’s team of interior architects transform your office to great place to work. We have skilled architects and corporate interior designers exclusively for office designs. We provide office space planning in creative manner to make you comfortable and relax while inside the office. Our designs are very work friendly to inspire your work. We provide high standard designs with well-furnished and quality products and services.

Designing restaurants and hotels are a big deal. Carion Bilta takes that big deal and provide you impressive collections of restaurant and hotel designs. We design the most prominent area of your hotel that is, entrance, reception and gathering area in a very exciting and fabulous way which is unique and attractive for your customers.

We build hotels or restaurants of modern style as well as traditional designs. Eye catching western style hotels are also designed by us. You can choose it from the immense collection of Carion’s designs.

We have a proficient team to design the interior area of your restaurant. We do very care to the interior design of your luxury hotel. Skilled interior designers are available for you to design your hotel. Our architects and interior designers design your restaurant in very ingenious style.Whether it’s an esteemed royal hotel, a trendy restaurant or a luxury hotel –we are the right place for you to reach.

The demand for boutique, spa, stores, recreation centers, shopping mall etc are increasing day by day in Kochi. We have specialized team to architect and interior design these buildings. We provide world class designs and facilities in Kochi for the perfection of all these. Carion Bilta is always with the changing world and new ideas.

Carion Bilta architects are recognized as top in designing convention and recreation centers in Kochi. We plan and design recreation centers that fits your requirements and we have highly talented architects and interior designers for the same. We build both western and Indian style recreation centers. Our facilities meet world class quality.
We believe, good designs are the mix of style, trend, creativity and application. We always try to mix all these elements in our architectures and interior designs in Kochi. Our new boutique designs are hitting trend in Kochi. Carion Bilta always cares clients satisfaction and so does for boutique interior designs and it's perfection.
Carion Bilta provides a new class of spa resorts with high-design decor and classy amenities. We are opening new wave in designing beauty spas in Kochi. Our experts does the interior design of your beauty spa that would bring a new feel for you. Join hand with us for experience the creativity. Join hands with us for experiencing the creativity of Carion Bilta architects.
Want to make your retail store super cool look? Then visit Carion Bilta’s Kochi firm for crafting an artistically tempting store. We provide latest and trendy style in store interiors which makes your store unique. Our designs mix with fashion and trends in ingenious approach. You can entice your customers by being our clients.


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