Architects & Interior Designers in Bangalore

Bangalore is a dream place of many. Bangalore attracts many visitors with her aesthetic beauty and numerous recognitions. Being the silicon valley of India, Bangalore is always fresh and being the garden city she is beautiful at all her glance. Bangalore is known for beautiful buildings and architectures. Vidhana Soudha, Attara Kacheri, Bangalore Palace, UB City, Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, Glass House Lal Bagh, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, and Bagmane Tech park are the some of the gorgeous buildings in the city. The buildings and architectures in Bangalore reflect its history and culture.

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka is well known for luxury villas and chalets throughout the city along with emerging parishes. Carion Bilta, the Professional Architectural Firm and Engineering Consultancy with the aim of providing world class buildings and architectures nationwide, is joining hand with Bangalore on its further developments. Our designs and architectures have world class quality which is an asset for Bangalore. Be it your home, villa, hotel, restaurant, office or flat, everything is safe in the hands of Carion Bilta architects. We have professional interior designers and architects in Bangalore to make your building artistically beautiful.

Our motto –”timeliness, quality and affordability “makes us stand out in the high competition in architecting industryCarion’s friendly services and caring staffs makes it very easy for you to join hands with us.

Bangalore is already known for the professional touch in architectures and interior designing. We are a professional architectural company who plans and designs the structure of your buildings in attractive, functional and smarter way. We started our successful and creative journey from 2009 onwards and still continuing with pride. Carion’s excellent interior designing ideas have built many homes and commercial buildings in Bangalore. We incorporate innovative and sole trends in every project we manage. Our Bangalore architects and interior designers labor for the reveries of others. Chandrika Arcade Bangalore is the best example of one of the architectural project of our Bangalore architects. We architect both commercial and residential buildings in unique way.

Carion Bilta always ensures the quality of our services and products. Our products are imported and are of premium quality. Innumerable varieties of plans and designs are available with us which have world class standard. Our long term experience in this field makes us top in Bangalore.

Bangalore, the IT capital of our country is known for buildings and their architecting. The city needs an enchanted trace of an architect for its further advancements. It is the fourth most populous city and fifth most populous urban agglomeration in India. So it is a big task for the architects in Bangalore to overwhelm this and build others visions in inadequate space with noble excellence. Here is where Carion Biltas architects show their talent. We have such architects who can elevate Bangalore into world class level.


Do you want to make your home in Banagalore superb and cool? Then come to Carion Bilta. We make your home attractive and stylish in this metropolitan city. Carion’s residential architects in Bangalore use their abilities to specifically build homes & residential properties for housing purposes. Your dream home is safe in our hands.

Carion Bilta has well qualified and experienced home architects in Bangalore. We are here to clear all your doubts regarding residential architecture. Our residential architects in Bangalore handle large and luxury projects by ensuring all its quality and standards. Our mission is to complete your home with all its perfection.


Stylized commercial architectures have high demand in Bangalore. Our Commercial architects in Bangalore are very creative and innovative. We have specialized and trained architects exclusively for commercial architecting. Our commercial architects design and build commercial structures, such as offices and workshops, trade outlets and shopping center, rail and air terminals, hospitals, guesthouses, and recreation centers.

Our architects make and present first suggestions, normally in the form of a draft plan. We do it with the full acceptance of our clients. Our architects and interior designers are ready to present designs and plans at any time you prefer. They provide you the full plan of your project including budgets and schedules.

Do you have any planning for your interiors of your building? Then visit Carion Bilta, Bangalore. Our interior designers in Bangalore make your interiors excellent viewing and creative. We give importance to creative space planning and designing in unique way. Our Bangalore interior designers are highly brilliant and have innovative ideas.

Carion’s interior designers efficiently use space and suitable proposal for good interiors. Our Bangalore interior designers are highly trained and always look on new variety ideas. We provide both western and traditional interior designs. Our prime focus is to craft graceful and altered sphere for you.

We do interiors of your home, flat / apartments, office, modular kitchen, furniture designing, architectural interior designing, and interior decoration works. We are always aware in bringing class work to our clients in very short period.

Carion’s Landscape design combines creativity and uniqueness. Our landscape designing makes your building attractive and special. We do plot designing, lawn expansion, waterproofing, garden organization, orchard illumination and more. We also provide types of landscaping include front yard landscaping, backyard landscaping, and hardscaping.

You can consult with our landscape designers any time for landscaping your home . Our world class trained and experienced designers in Bangalore offers a great range of landscape designing of homes, villas, hotels etc. We ensure stylish touch to your outdoor for making it great. Come to Carion Bilta and enhance your property with our landscaping.

Carion Bilta plan, organize, execute and manage every project in perfect way. Our client's satisfaction is our success and we always look to surpass your expectations.

Our Bangalore's firm has very talented and skilled project manager to control the overall functioning of project. Forming, arranging and inspecting distributions of supplies, locating cabinets, appliances, and manage trades-people like builders, expert in pantry and toilet fitters, landscapers etc are our main focus in project management. Our perfection in project management makes us best in the industry. Our architectural projects are gaining popularity and increasing demand in Bangalore. We are always available with our services when you need us.


Everybody needs a calm and quiet place to live. We provide a home that experiences the feeling of its dwellers. We provide such beautiful home which makes you happy. Carion’s home interior designers in Bangalore are highly talented and specially trained to construct your sweet home. Our services are friendly and approachable for you at any time. We provide unique and stylish home designs in Bangalore. Be it western, traditional or modern; our home architects are ready to build anything. We have specially trained home architects and interior designers to design your home in the way you want.

Are you bored with your living room interiors? Then come to Carion Bilta’s Bangalore firm to give your living room a royal look. Join hands with us and experience an extra unique and attractive look for your living room. Our interior designers in Bangalore are highly talented and skilled in designing living room.
Calm and quite sleep is a need of everyone. Not everyone can experience it. One of the many reasons behind this is the interiors and ambiance of bedroom. Bedroom plays an important role in making your sleep peaceful. If you want to feel those pleasures, come to Carion Bilta’s Bangalore firm. We provide high tech designs of bedroom and make them to reality in very short term period. We not only do interiors of your bedroom but also renovate your bedroom to a new look. Our interior designers are specially trained in bedroom designing. We give special care to your bedroom and its overall maintenance is safe in our hands.
Kitchen plays an important role in making your cooking successful. Good atmosphere of kitchen helps in healthy and proper cooking resulting in a delicious food. Carion Bilta has unique ideas for your kitchen designing. Trained and experienced kitchen interior designers are our asset and they plan exclusive styles of interiors for your kitchen. Our Bangalore architects offer kitchen renovation with an imperial touch. We have vast collection of interior designs exclusively for your kitchen. Modern, western, traditional and many more range of varieties are designed by Carion Bilta. So don’t think more, join hands with us for a magical makeover of your kitchen.
Bathroom has an important role in making your residence royal. Designs and style of bathroom interiors are changing day by day. We have a large collection of bathroom interior designs that best suits your home décor and interior ambiance. We provide western as well as modern designs and equipments which are imported and we assure its quality. We have specially trained interior designers in Bangalore. Along with the bathroom interiors we provide renovation of your bathroom in our Bangalore firm. You can feel pleasurable and lasting services and products when you join hand with us. Your suggestions and ideas are valuable for us.
Home theater in your residence is the best way to experience cinematic feel in your own home. Now you don’t need to go to an outside theater. Welcome to Carion Bilta, Bangalore to experience that feel. We provide world class home theater facilities and we assure its quality.

Bangalore is famous for bungalow culture. Carion Bilta has a royal plan for your bungalow architecture and fulfills it in stylish look. Our bungalow architects give your residence a royal look and offer a wide range of bungalow designs and patterns which are aesthetically beautiful.

We build luxury bungalows and we assure its quality. We have trained architects and interior designers in Bangalore exclusively for designing bungalows. Our services are very friendly and we provide only premium quality products. Our interior designers and architects in Bangalore are very passionate towards their work and always provide the best.

Our experienced team of flat interior designers in Bangalore offers you a welcoming facility. Any kind of flat interior designs are available with us. Be it classy, western, modern or traditional, all are available with us. Our flats and apartment designs are popular in Bangalore. We care for every single point in flat constructions, be it colour, designs, style, floor, equipment, furniture…everything is of best class.

Carion Bilta offers a varied choice of flat and apartment architecture and interior designing for either commercial flats or residential apartments. Customer satisfaction is the main aim of ours. Our Bangalore architects design flats and apartments in accordance with your imagination and thoughts. Carion’s skilled architects and interior designers in Bangalore ensures world class experience in your flat. So feel a royal experience by joining hand with us.

Bangalore is a metropolitan city. Villas have high demand in Bangalore. Villas achieve acceptance only if it is visually exciting. Carion Bilta architects in Bangalore are experts in designing villas. The interior designs we provide for your villa is stunning and luxurious. We have a skilled team of architects and Villa interior designers in Bangalore. We build modern & stylish villas in very luxurious look. We use imported and premium materials to make sure that the quality standards are met.

Our services are customer approachable and we are the finest to provide unique ideas for the planning of villa.

You have seen many cool offices with majestic looks. The look and designs of your office have an important role in making your brand popular in this competitive world. Carion Bilta’s Bangalore team of interior designers and architects converts your office to a great room to labor. We have skilled architects and corporate interior designers exclusively for office designs in Bangalore.

We provide high standard designs with well-furnished products and quality services. We plan your office space in creative manner to make you comfortable and relaxed while inside the office. Our designs are very work pleasant to motivate your work.

Restaurants and hotel have high demand in Bangalore. The city is also famous for luxury restaurants and hotels. Carion Bilta assures a high class restaurant and hotel designs which gifts a wonderful dining experience to your customers. We have a team of dedicated architects and interior designers to build your restaurant or hotel. Be it modern, western, or traditional designs, everything is designed and built by us.

You can experience our services in Bangalore. Our designs and structures are highly attractive and unique.

We are the right choice for you to build your hotels/ restaurants. Our designs and buildings are long lasting and overcome any seasonal atmosphere. No matter it is your hotel lobby, reception or gathering area, all are uniquely designed by us. We give good care for your work. Our skilled interior designers are available anaytime for you to design your hotel or you can pick it from the vast collection of Carion’s designs.

Bangalore always welcomes new and trendy ideas. So boutique, spa, stores, recreation centers, shopping mall etc have high demand in Bangalore. We are here to design your dream boutique, spa, stores, recreation centers and shopping mall. Our services in Bangalore firm are very pleasing and friendly so that you can approach us at any time.

The interior design and the popularity of a retail store are inter-connected. Your retail store’s stylish look will increase your customer visits. We are providing a vast range of store designs which makes your store cool and stylish. Demand for trending store interiors in Bangalore is increasing and we are here to help you.


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